Biore UV Sarasara Face Milk Sunscreen – 2pk



  • IMPORTANT: The date printed on the product is the manufactured date and NOT the expiration date. Tone-up Facial UV Milk keeps you dry even when you’re sweating. Formulated with “Light correction powder” that covers any pores, dents, or dullness on your skin.
  • “Sarasara Water Repellent Veil” repels sweat and water. It will leave your body sweat-free and smooth. Formulated with oil absorption powder to prevent oily skin.
  • Facial UV Milk lotion that won’t leave your skin feeling sticky even when sweating, and prevents makeup from smearing. Powerfully blocks UV rays and prevents spots and freckles. Can be used as a makeup base.
  • Formulated with “Sarasara Powder”, Hyaluronic acid, and glycerin for moisturizing your skin. Super waterproof (tested with 80 mins of water resistance test)
  • This is a limited set imported from Japan. Only YUMERIA sells the Bioré UV Sarasara Face Milk and the Sakura Compressed Hand Towel Set. Please be aware that those that are sold by any other seller is unauthentic.


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