Fat Burning Machine 6 in 1 Body Sliming Machine



  •  6 in 1 FAT REMOVER MACHINE (WILL NOT Get Hot and Vibrate) – including EMS, High-Frequency SONIC, Blue /Red, IONIC Import&Export, help you to lose weight, fat burning and shape sliming body, also can be used for facial massage and remove wrinkles.
  • ❃ EMS Massager & SONIC – EMS Massager can exercise the muscles to achieve the effect of fat burn / fat loss with 5 modes are Sliming, Tapping, Massage, Knead and Scrapping, but EMS can not use on face. And through High-Frequency SONIC make the skin firming and cleansing pores deeply.
  • ❃ Body Sliming Machine with Red/Blue – RED can increase blood circulation, used for Wrinkle Remover, fine lines and anti-aging, make skin look smoother and fuller; while BLUE is used for reduce acne, decrease scarring, apply for sensitive and oily skin.
  • ❃ IONIC Import&Export Function – Positive ions use with clean cream, suck the dirt residue out, clean the skin deeply; Negative ions can deliver skin-care products’ ingredients deep into skin and make skin fully absorb nutrient, improving the effectiveness.
  • ❃ TIPS: 1)Before using Fat Burn Machine, clean your skin and apply weight loss gels or essential oil to reach the better result. 2)It can enhance the effect of losing weight, but also needs to keep exercising and maintain a healthy diet. 3)Fat Loss massager can use in the arm, stomach, belly, waist, abdomen, hip, legs, face.


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