JYY Hyaluronic Pen Kit



  • Technical features: No continuous needle nebulizer, can reach the skin 8mm, with whitening, hydration, skin rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, firming, liposoluble effect.
  • Technical principle: Using the transdermal dispersion technology, the pressure device generates high pressure and the liquid is expelled by the micropores in the upper part of the front end to form an ultra-fine 0.17 mm liquid column, which penetrates instantly into the skin and reaches the skin, easily obtaining an anti-aging effect.
  • Easy to use: the injection method is easier, the injection dose is more precise and the painless airless syringe is a way to eliminate the fear of the syringe and eliminate pain.
  • Sufficient absorption: the product spreads through the skin in a foggy manner and the capillary involved in absorption increases, the area of absorption increases, collagen is activated, hardening does not occur, the skin awakens and the effect of product is more obvious.
  • Continuous spraying: the continuous spraying head can reach continuous launch, allowing the skin to reach the drug completely, so that each cell can be hydrated and completely absorbed by the skin.


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