L’Oreal Revitalift Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum


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Dermatologist validated, highly-concentrated, anti-aging plumping hyaluronic acid serum that immediately hydrates and fills wrinkles in 2 weeks. 
What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do? Hyaluronic Acid is naturally produced by our bodies and plays a critical role in the skin’s youthful look. It’s natural production rapidly decreases as early late 20’s and must be topically supplied as a key step after cleansing. Hyaluronic Acid is able to hold 1000x its weight in water. It’s a big molecule and therefore needs to be adapted to be absorbed by the skin in order to be effective. The formula has been designed to provide a dual plumping and hydration effect by combining hyaluronic acid of both high and low molecular weight. 0.5% High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid: This higher molecular weight will remain on top of the skin, without a tacky feeling to provide an immediate plumping effect on dry fine lines. 1% Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid: Low Molecular Weight will penetrate the skin’s surface layer to plump from within. This formula has also been developed and tested to be safe for sensitive skin. 
  • Intensive hydrating 1.5 percent pure Hyaluronic Acid serum for plumped, youthfully supple skin with bounce
  • Lightweight gel serum 
  • Absorbs quickly with no tacky feel or leftover residue
  • Smoother, more supple feeling skin starts day 1
  • Visibly plumps skin in 1 week
  • Paraben-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • No Mineral Oil
  • No Synthetic Dyes
  • Does not clog pores


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