IOPE Super Vital Day/Night Facial Cream


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  • HEALTHY GLOWING SKIN: IOPE Super Vital anti-aging cream uses powerful plant energy to combat complex signs of aging. A rich nourishing cream that will supercharge your skin to a better future. Unlock the gateway of youth with firmer, smoother, radiant skin.
  • UNLOCK YOUTHFUL QUALITY: This anti-aging face cream is perfect for dryness, dullness, lines and wrinkles, and uneven texture. Restore your skin’s natural beauty and achieve firmer looking skin for longer.
  • ANTI-AGING BIO INGREDIENT: Seletinoid, patented in 5 nations, is the key to younger-looking skin. This wrinkle-fighting ingredient takes care of dehydrated, tired-looking skin, and keeps your skin barrier strong and healthy. The result is flawless firm skin.
  • SUPER PLANT POWER: Super Flavonoid contains powerful plants that revitalize fatigued skin with firmness and radiance – the most potent skin-restoring antioxidants around. Not only will your skin be younger-looking, but it will also be its healthiest yet.
  • SOFT, MOIST CREAMY TEXTURE: This facial cream has a lightweight, soft, moist formula that is sucked up by your skin like a sponge with a matte finish. Your skin will be left silky smooth with a luxurious feel to it – without the stickiness.


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