Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice, June 20th 2020 @ 5:44 pm EDT. This marks the official start of summer. Of course, many mark the start of summer with Memorial Day weekend toward the end of May, and meteorologists start Summer with the 1st of June.

However you look at it, Summer is here! Time for the fun in the sun! Whether you go to the beach, the park, the pool, or just hang out in your own back yard, protecting your skin is more important now as the sun is at it’s most direct in the northern hemisphere. Sunburns can occur in as little as 10 minutes!

What causes sunburns?

Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays cause sunburns and are linked to certain skin cancers. This is the one SPF products help either block or absorb. So, what are ultraviolet A (UVA) rays? These rays penetrate the skin deeper and cause wrinkles.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The number how many more times can I stay in the sun before getting a sunburn. So and SPF of 15 will allow you to stay in the sun 15 times longer than without before getting burned so about 150 minutes or 2 1/2 hours. An SPF of 40 would provide 400 minutes of protection or over 6 1/2 hours. These numbers are based upon no water exposure or sweating, which will reduce the coverage dramatically, even with products designed for water and sweat, so re-apply after you dry off!

Summertime means it’s time to review our sunscreen needs. How much is enough and how much is overkill? That depends on your desired outcome. Are you trying to ‘get a little color’, get a deep dark tan, or do you seek full protection?

So, what do I get?

Regardless of your desired outcome we recommend a broadspectrum (UVA & UVB) sunscreen to help guard against sunburn and pre-mature aging. Probably not a thought for twenty-somethings, but the effects are cumulative over time and should be a concern

If ‘getting color’ is your outcome, we recommend a product with 15 to 30 depending on how long you intend to be in the sun. We do not recommend deep tanning oils, as they can actually intensify the burning.

If you seek total protection, 30 to 50 is sufficient, again depending on your anticipated exposure to the harmful UV rays. Purchasing products with a higher SPF really won’t provide much additional protection for the cost. We would recommend sunscreen clothing, sun umbrellas, etc.

More importantly, proper usage of the products is critical to taking advantage of the benefits. Using daily and putting on at least 15 minutes before exposure to the sun will ensure effective sun protection.

Don’t forget your sunglasses! Our eyes need protection too.

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